If you are looking for a good fish for your home aquaponics or pond to your general aquarium fish. Tilapia are a hardy species that will survive the Western Cape winter months and will only grow to the size of their tank or pond they are kept in.

Generally the tilapia will grow up to a size of 30cm in length but they do get larger than this. They are a good species to look at once they grow and develop. We stock small fingerlings to larger specimens.

If you have a small pond and need a few fish or a few hundred fish we can cater to your needs.

Due to the fish breeding during the spring and summer months our stock runs out quickly and we only will have minimal stock during the winter periods. We do take orders and only sell fish on a first come serve basis.


Keeping tilapia for your aquaponics setup. This is one of the best known fish for aquaponics keepers. This is typically persons wanting to use the nutrients and waste from the water and fish to grow vegetables or plants. This is a relatively new idea that people and farmers are starting to take interest in.

Home Ponds

Tilapia are a great fish for home pond keepers as they will eat algae and mosquito larvae to many other insects that happen to land in the water. These fish do well with other fish in the pond. They only become aggressive when they are protecting their young and with chase off other fish. All round a pleasant fish to keep.

Care for Tilapia

This type of fish is not the same as regular heated aquarium tank kept fish. They will be happy at home in an indoor aquarium tank or outdoors. We feed our fish daily on high protein feed to maximise growth from fingerling size to pan size fish.

Why choose Tilapia

With Tilapia on the rise as a sought after fish for keeping and eating the cost of this fish makes it affordable for the every day person to have them. They are cheap to stock dams and ponds alike. They will normally breed during the warmer months of summer.

Feeding Fish

During our feeding we will mainly use a high protein feed on a daily basis. We do however change things up now and again as tilapia will also feed on algae we throw in a head of lettuce. Only the core of the lettuce to be found in the morning. We supply feed for R50 per kg

General Tips

Algae and Plants

These fish do eat plants and algae so if you have an expensive plant set up in your aquarium we would advise against too many of them. Duckweed is a favorite for kurpers, but it doesn't last long.


We feed our fish two times per day and be careful of overfeeding as this will leave food in the bottom and will decay. We like to vary the diet of our breeders from time to time.


These fish will normally breed during the warmer summer periods. Once breeding occurs the parents will defend the small fry against other fish in the tank or pond.


If you have successfully bred your tilapia the parents after looking after them will leave them to fend for themselves

Growth of Fish

These fish grow fast and can gain up to two grams per day on a high protein feed, and slow down on growth rate as they get larger.

Warning tip

Once you have your tilapia fish in an outdoor pond be aware that you may have herons, king fishers and other critters out to make a meal of your stock.

Fish Tank

Aquarium Fish

Ideal for outdoor fish

Fish fingerlings

From 1cm up to 30cm

Stock of fingerlings

Stock of Tilapia

Good for stocking dams



Fingerlings from 1cm to 3cm
for each fingerling
  • Starter
  • 1cm to 3cm
  • Feed crushed pellets
  • Aquarium
Fish from 8cm to 20cm
per fish
  • Sizes range
  • 8cm up to 20cm
  • Feed large pellets
  • Pan size

When Buying

Once you have agreed to the amount of fish you require, we will have the fish ready for you upon collection. It is up to the customer to confirm the amount is correct before leaving.

Outdoor kurper pond fish

Transporting Fish

We ask all customers to please provide their own means of transportation for the fish. We can do bagging of the small fry fingerlings, but the larger we recomend that you use a bucket and a air filtration for the journey.


We are based in the Strand area - Western Cape.

Once you have decided that Tilapia - Kurper fish are what you need, contact us and we will get back to you. Even if you just need some information on these fish we will assist where we can.

If we are out of stock we will take your details and contact you as soon as the fish are ready.

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